Yoga WS mit John Porcelly — Member: Hare Krishna Hardcore punk band SHELTER

“Heal your body. Calm your mind. Strive to serve. Reconnect with your true self. Find your higher purpose. This is the offering of yoga.”

Let’s call it Hardcore Yoga. Strong Vinyasa flow class with arm balances and inversions.


Paramananda (aka Porcell) is a punk guitarist turned yogi from the hardcore scene of New York City, where he spent his youth playing blaring rebel anthems from places like CBGB’s to all over the world – in bands such as Youth of Today, Judge and Shelter. Taking inspiration from the motivational messages of alternative music, he studied yoga and meditation for years at ashrams in India and America, where the punk ideals of personal empowerment, self discovery and social reform took on a whole new meaning. Join him for an energizing, fun workshop filled with movement, breathwork, strength-building, chanting and stories from the Bhakti (devotion) tradition of ancient India. All levels are welcome; just bring an open heart and a determined mind, and prepare to get hardcore!

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Preis: 42€