Thai Yoga Therapy MODUL 1: Die wesentlichen Bestandteile qualitativ hochwertiger Berührung

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Building a solid foundation in the concepts and the practice of high quality touch. Combining fundamental anatomy theory with positive intention and hands-on practice, we establish a base on which our following modules build a safe and successful massage practice. In addition to the four foundational principals of Thai massage, we learn:

  • Essential anatomy and physiology language that will allow you to accurately locate and describe the functions of specific muscles,
  • How to apply high quality touch techniques that are both safe and effective through the efficient use of biomechanics,
  • Functional anatomy of the back, shoulders and neck, which are the most commonly requested massage regions,
  • Thai massage postures that address these high-tension areas. In total this will equate to a 45 minute massage sequence that you can practice on family and friends,
  • The practical skills needed to approach a massage situation, how to build rapport with clients with clear communication, how to enhance the client treatment experience, and to prepare you for massaging outside the classroom.

FR 10. Juni 2016 – SO 12. Juni 2016 / jeweils 10:00 Uhr – 18:00 Uhr

Bis zum 10. Mai 2016: Early Bird Rate: 425 €

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