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The Body of Wisdom
Yoga and Mindfulness

Teacher Training mit Thomas Arta 2019

The Body of Wisdom teacher training is a holistic and practical course to deepen your yoga practice and offer you tools to teach in a flexible, responsive and sustainable way.

Integrating hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga and mindfulness, our training is a gateway into both form and freedom, movement and stillness, supporting you to take your understanding of yoga to the next level.

Hatha is a style that offers structural and postural clarity, while the vinyasa brings movement and ease. Mindfulness is the attitude with which we practice, deepening our wisdom and understanding of the entire body-mind system.

This is a training meet you where you are, as well as expanding your horizons and taking you deeper into the world of embodied yoga practice, whether of not you intend to teach at the end of the course.

Course structure
The course is based around 5 weekends (Friday – Saturday – Sunday) with a beginning and ending module of 5 days. The content consists of 200 hours contact teaching time, extended and deepened by a minimum of 50 hours external studies.

Our prerequisites are a willingness to learn and a desire to explore yoga and mindfulness more deeply. We welcome you even if you are not planning to formally teach after this course. Students should have ideally 6 months of regular yoga practice, or other mind-body discipline.

Thomas Arta

Thomas’ teaching expresses both structure and freedom, with a flexibility of understanding born of long term practice in different traditions. His training bridges the worlds of Yoga, Buddhist meditation and psychology, bringing complimentary insights from each discipline. A long term yogi, he started training in yoga asana and the Buddhist insight meditation (vipassana) tradition. He now studies Tantric Buddhism with Robert Preece and embodied meditation with Rob Burbea and Catherine McGee. Thomas has more than 15 years teaching experience and is the co-founder of Elemental Yoga Switzerland.




Training Curriculum

Yoga Practice and technique (100 hours)

Asana (posture) foundations, principles and techniques
Breath, pranayama and bandha
Meditation and the energetic body (subtle body)
Inversions and Feet-Up yoga
AcroYoga and Thai yoga massage
Voice opening and chanting

Mindfulness (30 hours)

Guided practice, theory and discussion
How to build and sustain a personal meditation practice
How to bring yoga and mindfulness together
Mindfulness and the nervous system
Mindfulness and relationships
Mindfulness and emotion

Teaching methodology (30 hours)

Class structure, theming and focus
Use of props (blocks, belts, blankets, Feet-Up)
Voice, language and cueing
Trauma sensitivity in yoga and mindfulness
Ethics, authenticity and scope-of-practice

Yoga anatomy (20 hours)

Practical foundational anatomy and physiology
Pose breakdowns and analysis
Online resources, videos and structured learning
Hands-on exploration and discussion
Homework, quizzes and self study
Philosophy (12 hours)

Traditional perspectives on practice
Modern perspectives on practice
Philosophy as a vehicle for self-understanding
Nervous system theory and neuroplasticity
Group discussion

Personal and professional development (8 hours)

Individual mentoring throughout the the training
Individual and personalised goal-setting and feedback
Discovering your strengths and teaching from your authentic self
Working with blocks and fears in your life and your teaching
Additional support wherever needed

Homework (50 hours)

  • Home practice
  • Reading and self-study
  • Journaling and enquiry
  • Attending classes and workshops
  • Designing your own classes


Modul I

19. – 23. Oktober 2019


06 – 08 Dezember 2019
31. Januar – 02. Februar 2020
27. März – 29. März 2020
22. Mai – 24. Mai 2020
24. Juli – 26. Juli 2020

Modul II

26. August – 30. August 2020

Die Ausbildungskosten der 250 Stunden* Ausbildung betragen 3690€
Early Bird 3390€
(Zahlungseingang bis 30. April 2019)

*Zur Gesamtstundenanzahl zählenden Stunden:
200 Stunden Unterricht vor Ort
50 Stunden Yoga- und Theoriepraxis als externes Studium

MindestteilnehmerInnenzahl: 6 / Maximal: 15


Anmeldungen und Fragen unter: namaste@soulyoga-dortmund.de

Du hast Fragen oder bist unsicher, ob die Ausbildung das Richtige für dich ist?
Komm vorbei zu einer von Thomas Yogaklassen am 5. und 6. April.  Zusätzlichen bieten wir noch einen Workshop mit Thomas an am 6. April. Auch hierzu bist du herzlich eingeladen. Alle weiteren Indos findest du weiter unten.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Class (90 Minuten)

Freitag 05. April – 19:00 Uhr – Kula
& Anschließende Info Runde für das Teacher Training

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Class (90 Minuten)

Samstag 06. April – 09 Uhr – Studio unten
& Anschließende Info Runde für das Teacher Training

Workshop am 06. April
“The Inner Game of Inversions I Thomas Arta”

Join Thomas Arta for a unique 4 hour intensive workshop to deepen your confidence and enjoyment upside down!
The title is “The Inner Game of Inversions’ This will be broken down into three steps:

  1. Foundational and detailed techniques for Handstands, Forearm Stand (Pincha Mayurasana), and headstand including creative asymmetrical variations!
  2. How to FEEL your way into alignment through deepening body awareness and energetic sensitivity
  3. How to stay motivated to practice and learn and stay creative outside the workshop

In addition we will work on: – Spotting, coaching and supporting others – Visualisation and personal meaning-making through practice
During the 4 hours, you can expect a new level of understanding and awareness to unfold. There will be support for all body types and abilities. All levels welcome!


Teil 1: 13:30 Uhr – 15:30 Uhr

Pause: 15:30 Uhr – 16:30 Uhr

Teil 2: 16:30 Uhr – 18:30 Uhr

Preis: 45€



Thomas Arta enjoys creating safe and supportive spaces where people can explore their limitless potential in fun and joyful ways. A passionate student of yogic, acrobatic and movement practices, he brings a playful and detailed approach to learning with the goal of authentic freedom for body, mind and heart. www.thomasarta.com

Anmeldung unter: buero@soulyoga-dortmund.de oder direkt im Studio.

Mindestteilnehmer: 6

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